What Is the Clear Shield?

Many RV manufacturers adhere a clear film to the topcoat as an added layer of protection, usually made by 3M or Diamond shield. While it may seem like a good idea, this film tends to become scratched easily, and after time can make any camper look like it's taken a wrong turn on the way to the car wash.

At the Central Florida RV center, we know that such an exterior is going to draw the wrong kind of looks on the road!

Step 1: 3M Removal

In order to get rid of the shield and reveal that crisp and bright paint below, the outer layer first needs to be scraped away. Using heat and specially sharpened tools, our team takes their time to gently peel away that offensive plastic. While it is a slow process, we are exceptionally careful about protecting the layers below.

Step 2: Glue Cleaning

After the protective layer is removed, all that is left is the sticky gunk that held it on in the first place. With the proper chemical removers, the process won't damage the original look of your RV. Note, that although the process may be time-consuming, it’s well worth the results provided!

Whether you have the notion to sell or just want your camper looking great again, contact Central Florida RV for more information on Diamond Shield or 3M removal. Our expert team is ready to answer all of your questions, so make an appointment to renew your RV today!